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Brought to you by

Toni Robbins

Skin and Coat

Hi my name is Kelli, I breed and show Australian Shepherds and Mastiffs.  I came across Life’s Abundance dog food from a fellow breeder friend that was using the products, and I have been using Life Abundance for over a year.

I have tried many, many different foods in the past years and with having a variety of breed types I always ended up using a different kind of food on the different breeds. Never just one food for all my pack. I gave Life’s Abundance a try and have never looked back! Coming from a show background I have always worried about my dog’s health, coat, weight, muscle tone, and skin.  You have to have the best of the breed in the ring when showing.

I have used many different products over the years to accomplish what I needed to see in my dogs.  Not only with different foods but special supplements to achieve that “great look”.  Always trying the next best thing to see faster better results. I never knew that everything I needed was right in Life’s Abundance!I have used all their pet products over the year and never have seen better overall health, coats, skin, or muscle tone in my dogs with just food.

I do use the skin and coat and agility supplements regularly on many of my dogs. I would have to say the skin and coat is a breeder’s dream! To have the advantage of keeping my dogs in the best coat condition without special products and tons of supplements has been a dream. I have been able to take my whelping mothers back in the showing without waiting for a new coat to come in after nursing puppies, this can take 4 months or more. They are fit and in coat with nothing extra, just life’s abundance dog food and skin and coat supplements.

I am so pleased with all my dogs on the food and products that I don’t use anything else! 

~ Kelli

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