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Sensitive Stomach and Poop

What Is Sensitive Stomach?

When attempting to identify digestive issues in pets, the term sensitive stomach often enters the conversation. While not a scientific term, it is used to describe animals that have repeated episodes of diarrhea. These dogs and cats are usually otherwise healthy, but seem to be prone to tummy troubles.

In some cases, bacterial infections or parasites can be the cause of a sensitive stomach, however, the most common cause is diet. Some pets can’t handle a sudden change in diet, so swapping food brands or flavors, feeding table scraps or giving too many treats can cause problems.

Feeding your furry friend a healthy dog food or healthy cat food with a focus on gut health is the first step in firming up your pet’s stool. At Life’s Abundance, we offer fiber-rich, premium pet food making messy pick-ups a thing of the past. We call it Firmtastic.

How Can Firmtastic Help My Pet’s Digestion?

Life’s Abundance proprietary fiber blend, Firmtastic, uses natural, plant-based ingredients, to promote good bacteria in your pet’s digestive tract.

Think of Firmtastic™ as your pet’s partner in the gut. With Firmtastic™ your pet receives nourishing ingredients that friendly bacteria love. In return, when the food reaches the digestive system, the happy bacteria help the body absorb and metabolize nutrients that would otherwise go to waste – literally.

Because the role fiber plays is so critical to your pet’s health, we’re adding this proprietary fiber blend to our treats, too. From meal time to snack time, your pet can enjoy consistent fiber intake (especially beneficial for our furry friends with sensitive stomachs).

Why Is It Important for My Dog or Cat to Have a Healthy Gut?

Filmed at the annual Life’s Abundance Field Rep Convention. See the full 20 minute video here.

Science shows the key to overall wellness starts in your pet’s stomach. The gut is home to important bacteria that controls critical processes in your pet like:

  • Digestion
  • Immune Health
  • Mood
  • Overall Satisfaction

So the next time you dispose of your pet’s “special package” think about this – the poop you’re holding can actually tell you a lot about the quality of the food or treats your pet is consuming, and how their body is responding to them.

Think about it this way–if you had to choose between picking up a firm poop with little to no odor versus the alternative, which would you choose?

With the help of Firmtastic™ in our healthy dog food and healthy cat food, picking up after your pet will never be the same – in a good way. They’ll be healthier and you’ll be happier.

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